"I was in Belize a few weeks ago and just fell in love with Walter's work.

 It caught my eye like no other artist did and then I started to notice his work throughout Belize."

Regards,  Ms.Cindy from Wisconsin

  ( painted edge gallery wrap, giclee prints) 


"Paypal worked great.  Thank you so much for your amazing artwork and your graciousness my friend.  Looking forward to adding the prints to my other three paintings!  Hugs."
Maggie B. USA

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"I don't know if artist really know just how much their work means to the person receiving it.
This filled me up with tears of joy and emotion!

I hope Walter enjoyed painting this for me as much as I will enjoy  showing it off the rest of my life!! "                  

  Ms.Kelli H canada

(commissioned piece)

"You did a great job and made her very happy"
Ms.Evonne, Evette S.   Texas

( commission painting for her sister )